Trish – Our Smiling Assassin!

Trish showcases her six medals from paddling for the VIC State Team and Yarra River Dragons at AustChamps in Adelaide – supplied (c) Trish Kane

Trish loves to travel both locally and abroad, looking for adventures with her partner!

She discovered Dragon Boating in Perth after looking for a team sport for the summer and has been paddling on and off for the past 12 years!

In the last year, Trish has not only found success with YRDs but also with VIC State and has been selected for the Auroras squad (Australian National Dragon Boat Team).

My fave memory would be getting 3 gold medals out of 3 races at the last national championship in Adelaide

– Trish recalling her favourite memories with Yarra River Dragons
Yarra River Dragons Auroras (AUS National Team) Contingent with Trish (centre) after the two-day training camp for the Asian Championship in Thailand. – (c) Oliver Yang

Trish recommends Dragon boat as “Perfect for someone searching for a team sport, socially connecting with others and want to get fitter, stronger whilst at the same having fun doing it.”

YRD is proud to support the Auroras Campaign and develop paddlers from the ground up to represent our state and our country at the national and international levels.

No matter if you have tried or are new to the sport, come and paddle with us, more info clicks on the link below.