Register Dragon Pass for Your One Month Free Trial

Dragon Pass – Second-Bite Announced

If your Dragon Pass expired in the past months and you are still undecided to pick up a membership? DBV is offering another one-month trial so you can rediscover dragon boating and our fun season ahead.

Sign up for Dragon Pass here

What benefits do I get with a Dragon Pass?

Unlimited training sessions with Yarra River Dragons or any club in Victoria, personal insurance cover, use of club facilities, loaned PFD and paddle if required, access to your own member portal and more.

Can I participate in a regatta or event with YRD and DBV?

Yes, you can attend any Dragon Boat Victoria (DBV) regatta whilst on a Dragon Pass at no extra charge (normally $45 for Adults or $22.5 for Students/Juniors)

What does membership cost me after my Dragon Pass expires?

Please see our membership information below:

Rolling membership options – 12 months

  • Metro Hub Adult – 12 months $331
  • Metro Hub Junior – 12 months¬†(Note:¬†Aged 10-17 at day of registration) $165
  • Metro Hub Student – 12 months (Note: Full-time student – student ID required) $165

How do I register for a Dragon Pass?

You can register for a Dragon Pass using YRD RevSport link here

Any questions about membership or come-and-try?

Join our Dragon Pass WhatsApp group to find out more.